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RWInfo V1.0.2 update package released

Gespeichert von tomy am Di, 11. Mär 2014 - 23:03

The attached file has been moved to google drive. Please download it from this location.

The update contains various bug fixes:

  • Searching for routes was aborted if a route directory with an invalid RouteProperties.xml was encountered. These route folders will be silently skipped.
  • Installation of RWInfo 1.0.0 could fail due to a missing msvcr71.dll. Installing this update will fix the problem (i.e. failed installation of version 1.0.0 plus successfull installation of the update gives a working installation).
  • No track markers shown on "Great Western Mainline" and some other routes. This happened because of an unexpected constallation of speed limits at the end of a track.
  • If the marker window was closed there was no way to bring it back (except by switching routes). Now there is a menu item "Window->Display Marker Window".