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RWInfo V1.2.1 released

Submitted by tomy on Sun, 14. Dec 2014 - 15:26

Shortly after the release of version 1.2.0 an error showed up. Therefore I released a patched version 1.2.1. This version is available at the same places as version 1.2.0.

Previously RWInfo would read only routes where it knew about all the attributes it found while reading the route properties and blueprints. Since Dovetail Games is continously improving Train Simulator and in the process also adding new attributes this meant that I would have to release new versions of RWInfo too.

Now RWInfo will ignore attributes it doesn't know about. That means that I will have to release a new version of RWInfo only of these attributes are needed within RWInfo.



Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your great program, just a couple of suggestions:-

1. Include a box to show how many routes are listed, e.g. in the heading make it something like 'Route - 86' this would enable checking that all routes had been listed without having to manually count them. (same thing for scenarios?)

2. Note that the title on the Scenario box is shown as 'Szenario' should be Scenario in the English version.

Thanks - Mike


In view of the fact that this program reads .ap files without unpacking them it would be great to have an option to printout the Routes and Scenarios ( QD/C/S/FR ) thus saving the need to unzip anything.

Any chance one day this could be used on a dual screen set up like flight simulator so the map follows the train without switching to 2D Map?

Thanks for a great utility.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Instead of adding a printout option I'm considering creating an option to export routes and scenarios to CSV-files which you can import into Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc or other similar programs and then sort / filter / print in any way you like.

For creating a map that follows the train without switching to 2D Map: to make this workable Train Simulator would need to somehow output real time data about the current locations of consists together with information about the composition of the consists themself.