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RWInfo V1.5.1 released

Submitted by tomy on Thu, 12. May 2016 - 0:17

I've released version 1.5.1 of RWInfo. The download will be available at the usual places (,, or it can be downloaded here (click on "more"). This is a full version that overwrites any previous version.

RWInfo works with TrainSimulator 2013 to 2016 without unpacking any files.

New features:

  • tile coloring
  • ruler for the route map
  • show infos about QuickDrive scenarios
  • the copy world coordinates function has been improved
  • popup showing information about scenarios


Package icon rwinfo-1.5.1-setup.zip29.3 MB
Package icon rwinfo-1.5.1-langpack.zip55.13 KB



After installing, RWINFO starts up, but as soon as I try 'settings' or check the railworksdirectory RWINFO shuts down. My OS is WIN 10. Weird......



I was having the same issues and found a suggestion that if you have created a "God Mode" folder in windows, deleting it will sort the issue. I was sceptical but gave it a try. RW Info now runs without an issue.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your problems. Please contact me by mail so that I can investigate the problem with your help.

Hi thank you for this program it is so helpful.

I have two installations of TS2021
E: Drive is files ONLY downloaded from Steam 101 routes
J: Drive is as above but with all my freeware and other suppliers 193 routes
At the moment I have to change the location each time I want to check whichever drive
Is there a way of installing 2 version of RWinfo one for each drive
I suspect having tried it there is a common file that shows the location or railworks.exe
Thank You